HA series

Detuned PFC automatic systems


Rated tension: 400 Vac
Rated Frequency: 50 Hz (60 Hz on request)
Voltage of Auxiliary Circuits: 110 Vac
Working Temperature Range: -10°C / +50°C
20/10mm sheet steel, protected against corrosion by a phosphating treatment. Epoxy powder painted, RAL 7035 colour (other colours on request)
External Protection Degree: IP30 (PFM), IP40 (PFL)
Ventilation: Forced
Switch: Three-pole with door interlocking device
M type: cable entry from the top
L type: cable entry from the bottom
Each bank of capacitors is controlled by a three-pole contactor. Rated voltage of auxiliary circuits: 110 Vac, 50 Hz.

Capacitors Series VRC 550 Vac
Self-healing metallized polypropylene single-phase capacitors, equipped with overpressure safety device and discharge resistor.
Capacitance Tollerance:-5%+10%
Dielectric losses: <0,3 W/kvar
Temperature class: -25/D(55°C)
Blocking Reactors: Tuning frequency140 Hz (2,8 = 12,7%)
Regulator: Varmetric measurement by means of a C.T. (secondary 5A) not supplied
Capacitors CEI EN 60831-1/2
Banks CEI EN 60439-1 CEI EN 61921-1
Options on request
Protection and Control Instrument SPC2
Protection Degree: IP40 – IP55
PFM type: cable entry from bottom
PFL type: cable entry from the top

Equipment type Rated power Power 415V Banks e
Regulator Rated current Weight Dimensions WxDxH Download
PFM/HA 50kvar 400Vac
50kvar 400Vac 50Hz 54kvar Banks: 5-5-10-10-20kvar
Steps: 10 x 5kvar
PFC96evo 72A 78kg 420 x 380 x 1360mm
PFM/HA 60kvar 400Vac
60kvar 400Vac 50Hz 65kvar Banks: 10-10-20-20kvar
Steps: 6 x 10kvar
PFC96evo 86A 100kg 420 x 380 x 1360mm
PFM/HA 70kvar 400Vac
70kvar 400Vac 50Hz 76kvar Banks: 10-20-20-20kvar
Steps: 7 x 10kvar
PFC96evo 100A 112kg 420 x 380 x 1360mm
PFM/HA 80kvar 400Vac
80kvar 400Vac 50Hz 86kvar Banks: 20-20-20-20kvar
Steps: 4 x 20kvar
PFC96evo 115A 126kg 420 x 380 x 1360mm
PFL/HA 100kvar 400Vac
100kvar 400Vac 50Hz 108kvar Banks: 20-40-40kvar
Steps: 5 x 20kvar
PFC144evo 144A 220kg 610 x 610 x 1760mm
PFL/HA 140kvar 400Vac
140kvar 400Vac 50Hz 151kvar Banks: 20-40-80kvar
Steps: 7 x 20kvar
PFC144evo 202A 260kg 610 x 610 x 1760mm
PFL/HA 180kvar 400Vac
180kvar 400Vac 50Hz 194kvar Banks: 20-40-40-80kvar
Steps: 9 x 20kvar
PFC144evo 260A 300kg 610 x 610 x 1760mm
PFL/HA 220kvar 400Vac
220kvar 400Vac 50Hz 237kvar Banks: 20-40-80-80kvar
Steps: 11 x 20kvar
PFC144evo 317A 325kg 610 x 610 x 1760mm
PFL/HA 260kvar 400Vac
260kvar 400Vac 50Hz 280kvar Banks: 20-40-40-80-80kvar
Steps: 13 x 20kvar
PFC144evo 374A 365kg 610 x 610 x 1960mm
PFL/HA 300kvar 400Vac
300kvar 400Vac 50Hz 323kvar Banks: 20-40-80-80-80kvar
Steps: 15 x 20kvar
PFC144evo 432A 385kg 610 x 610 x 1960mm
PFL/HA 340kvar 400Vac
340kvar 400Vac 50Hz 365kvar Banks: 20-40-40-80-80-80kvar
Steps: 17 x 20kvar
PFC144evo 491A 415kg 610 x 610 x 2160mm
PFL/HA 380kvar 400Vac
380kvar 400Vac 50Hz 409kvar Banks: 20-40-80-80-80-80kvar
Steps: 19 x 20kvar
PFC144evo 547A 445kg 610 x 610 x 2160mm
PFL/HA 420kvar 400Vac
420kvar 400Vac 50Hz 452kvar Banks: 20-40-40-80-80-160kvar
Steps: 21 x 20kvar
PFC144evo 607A 475kg 610 x 610 x 2360mm
PFL/HA 460kvar 400Vac
460kvar 400Vac 50Hz 495kvar Banks: 20-40-80-80-80-160kvar
Steps: 23 x 20kvar
PFC144evo 662A 505kg 610 x 610 x 2360mm
PFL/HA 500kvar 400Vac
500kvar 400Vac 50Hz 538kvar Banks: 20-40-40-80-160-160kvar
Steps: 25 x 20kvar
PFC144evo 722A 775kg 1220 x 610 x 1960mm
PFL/HA 560kvar 400Vac
560kvar 400Vac 50Hz 603kvar Banks: 80-160-160-160kvar
Steps: 7 x 80kvar
PFC144evo 806A 800kg 1220 x 610 x 1960mm
PFL/HA 640kvar 400Vac
640kvar 400Vac 50Hz 689kvar Banks: 80-80-160-160-160kvar
Steps: 8 x 80kvar
PFC144evo 922A 860kg 1220 x 610 x 1960mm
PFL/HA 720kvar 400Vac
720kvar 400Vac 50Hz 775kvar Banks: 80-160-160-160-160kvar
Steps: 9 x 80kvar
PFC144evo 1037A 920kg 1220 x 610 x 2160mm
PFL/HA 800kvar 400Vac
800kvar 400Vac 50Hz 861kvar Banks: 80-80-160-160-160-160kvar
Steps: 10 x 80kvar
PFC144evo 1152A 980kg 1220 x 610 x 2160mm
PFL/HA 880kvar 400Vac
880kvar 400Vac 50Hz 947kvar Banks: 80-160-160-160-160-160kvar
Steps: 11 x 80kvar
PFC144evo 1267A 1040kg 1220 x 610 x 2360mm
PFL/HA 960kvar 400Vac
960kvar 400Vac 50Hz 1033kvar Banks: 80-160-160-160-160-240kvar
Steps: 12 x 80kvar
PFC144evo 1382A 1100kg 1220 x 610 x 2360mm