Electromechanical circuit breaker – ITF05E series

Motor supply voltage 100 ÷ 120 Vac
Frequency 60 Hz (upon request 50 Hz)
Operating temperature -25°C +70°C
C* run voltage 130 ÷ 250 Vac
Connection time Automatic
Reconnection time 0,5 sec
Starting capacitance from 5 to 120 µF
Dimensions from 5 to 50µF 55x94mm
from 51 to 85µF 55x118mm
from 86 to 120µF 60x118mm
*C run: running capacitor
Flat bottom case – Quadripolar cable 300mm
Additional connection “SINGLE PHASE SUPPLY”
Type with re-start feature, upon request
  ITF05EC0 series
Only circuit breaker without capacitor 50 x 55

Electromechanical circuit breaker

The manufacturer reserves the right to modify data and sizes without previous notice.
Special devices upon request.