In recent years, Power Factor Correction has evolved greatly due to the presence of harmonic generated loads.
These loads produce harmonic currents and voltage which distorts the network waveforms.
The main source harmonic generated loads are AC/DC static converters usedfor drive and UPS systems.
For these reasons it is essential that any installation of Power Factor Correction equipment must be carefully evaluated, the possible presence of harmonic currents in the network could create conditions of parallel resonance between the reactor of the network and that of the capacitors, generating overcurrents and overvoltages, which would cause premature failure of the power factor correction capacitors.
The ideal power factor correction solution for any system must be determined by examination of the system parameters and harmonic spectrum.

PF/A series

Main 400 Vac  50 Hz  THDIL ≤50%  THDVMAX 6%
Blocking Reactors 180 Hz
Capacitors VRC  550 Vac  50 Hz  THDIC ≤85%

PF/HA series

Main 400 Vac  50 Hz  THDIL ≤100%  THDVMAX 6%
Blocking Reactors 140 Hz
Capacitors VRC  550 Vac  50 Hz  THDIC ≤100%