The automatic static Power Factor Correction is particularly suitable for variable quick loads, such as:

  • Injection presses
  • Elevators
  • High torque motors
  • Motors affected by voltage losses
  • Car industry
  • Wind turbines for the production of electric energy
  • Diesel generators

Static Power Factor Correction equipment differs from the standard equipment for the following reasons:
The reactive power regulator has a switching time of the banks extremely quicker than the standard regulator.
The device for switching the capacitors banks is electronic, controlled by thyristors, with the capability of switching the
capacitors at zero crossing.

Static switching by thyristors has the following advantages:

  • Maximum speed in switching, the capacitors banks (the total power is switched in less than a second)
  • No current peak on the capacitors at the time of switching of the banks
  • No voltage peak on the capacitors at the time of switching off the banks
  • Elimination of deterioration of the contacts in the standard contactors
  • Noise reduced to a minimum
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Extended capacitor life.

PF/AST series

400 Vac  50 Hz
Blocking Reactors 180 Hz
Capacitors 550 Vac 50 Hz