Plastic case motor run capacitors

A range of self-healing capacitors, manufactured using a self-extinguishing plastic case, filled with resin.

For using in running single-phase asynchronous motors and in all general a.c. applications at 50/60Hz, this range gives very good electrical reliability together with high mechanical resistance to shock and vibration.

ITALFARAD motor capacitors are divided in two groups, according to the terminals:

RPN = capacitors with fast-on terminals
RPC = capacitors with double insulated cable or with two single conductor leads

Case and cover Flame retardant plastic material
Fixing M8 metal stud, if required
Terminals RPC: leads 0,75 mm2 90°C
RPN: faston 6,3 mm
Standards EN60252-1
Maximum working voltage 1,1 Un
Test voltage between terminals 2,0 Un for 2 sec.
Test voltage between terminals and case 2 kV for 2 sec.
dv/dt 20 V/μS
Loss factor <15×10-4 (Un-50Hz)
Class of safety protection S0

General technical data for all the plastic case capacitors.

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All the ITALFARAD motor running capacitors are VDE approved, in compliance with the Standards EN 60252-1.

For a better understanding of the performances with the Standards rating, refer to the following table of the expected life and data:

Class D = 1.000 hours
Class C = 3.000 hours
Class B = 10.000 hours
Class A = 30.000 hours

25 = minimum operating temperature
085 = maximum operating temperature
21 = duration (days) of the damp-heat test