Quality first

Our production process is under rigid controls and continuous testing.

Continuos quality improvement has always been a primary goal of ITALFARAD.

Since 1993 the ITALFARAD Quality System has been certified by IMQ in accordance to UNI EN ISO 9001 


In order to ensure compliance with the strictest standards, our products undergo laboratory tests carried out in our in-house premises, as well as in internationally recognized facilities. Many products are IMQ, UL and VDE compliant.

All products are ROHS and REACH compliant


italfarad IQNET certificate
italfarad CSQ ISO 9001

Quality Company policy

The main Italfarad objective is the satisfaction of the customer and of the other iparties with whom the company interacts as this ensures the profit and the continuity of the company.

Our three basic elements to satisfy our customers are:

  • Quality
  • Service
  • Price

The highest priority is quality, in fact, if the customer is satisfied with the product can also accept a higher price, if the product is of high quality will certainly need little assistance and maintenance and therefore the service is already starting satisfactory .

Quality is therefore the main objective of the entire company and is a problem for everyone, at all levels.

Making quality in the company means striving for continuous improvement.

The continuous improvement of quality, risk prevention and the development of opportunities are the priority objectives and this basically includes:

  • The constant improvement of the quality lowering more and more the maximum deviation levels allowed for the tests and in the users;
  • the reduction of internal costs by optimizing the cost of quality and containing test waste within programmed limits and external service costs by containing the waste in use within the limits agreed with customers;
  • enhancement of human resources through involvement, widespread accountability at all levels, awareness-raising and implementation of periodically planned training and growth activities.