The growing use of power electronic devices is causing an increasing level of harmonic distortion in the electrical systems, which frequently leads to problems with capacitor installations. This is the reason why energy suppliers and actual conditions require the using of harmonic blocking reactors.

A detuned capacitor system works out the function of power factor correction whilst preventing any amplification of harmonic currents and voltages caused by resonance between capacitor and inductance of the electrical system. By adding an appropriately rated series reactor to the power capacitor, both elements form a low-pass resonant circuit (usually below the 5th harmonic) which prevents overload by higher order harmonics.

Technical characteristics

Applicable standards CEI-EN 60289 IEC 60289
Rated voltages 230 … 690 Vac
Rated frequencies 50 Hz o 60 Hz
Insulation (winding-core) 3 kV
Minimum temperature class F
Maximum ambient temperature 40°C
Protection class IP00, indoor mounting
Humidity 95%
Cooling Natural
Design Three phase, high linearity
Winding material Aluminum or copper
Terminals Terminal block, or cable lugs
Thermal protection By thermal probe and NC dry contact