CMR 500 series


High reliability and complete working security are the main characteristics of CMR series capacitors.

Reliability is guaranteed by the use of a special metallised dielectric and by severe process controls. CMR capacitors use metallized PP film.

Security is guaranteed by a complete range of devices:

Internal Overpressure Device, this device operates in case of internal short circuit by disconnection of the internal connections.

Discharge resistors. The function of the discharge resistors is to reduce the voltage between terminals of the capacitor to levels prescribed in the following Specifications EN 60831/1-2 and IEC 831/1-2.

If capacitors are used as part of an automatic assembly, where a large number of switching cycles are possible, the inrush current
must be limited to appropriate level, by using of suitable dumping inductors. The alternative to chokes is the using of special contactors designed for use with capacitors and provided with dumping resistors.

Self-extinguishing plastic is used for CMR external case, IP40.

The provided parallel connection bars are suitable to connect in parallel some CMR up to a maximum total current of 72Amps.

The CMR three-phase capacitor for low voltage Power Factor Correction complies with the following Standards: EEC 89/336 Standards (amended by EEC 92/31 – EMC) and EEC 73/232 Standards (amended by EEC 96/3 – Low Voltage).

Technical characteristics

Dielectric Metallized polypropylene film
Rated voltage 500 Vac
Rated frequency 50 Hz
Power tolerance -5% + 10%
Dielectric losses < 0,30 W/KVAr
Working ambient temperature -25°C + 45°C
Max over voltage 1,1 Un (according to IEC)
Max over current 1,3 In
Max inrush current 100 In
AC test voltage between terminals 2,15 Un for 2 sec.
AC test voltage between case/terminals 3 kV for 10 sec.
Insulation level 3/15 KV
Discharge resistors Included
Discharge time
< 3 minutes with residual voltage 75V
Internal connection Delta three-phase
Safety device
Internal overpressure disconnector
Terminals M8 screw
Filling Oil filling, without PCB
Service type Continuous, indoor
Protection degree IP 40
Mounting position
Vertical preferable for better cooling
Permissible humidity 95%
Service life 60.000 hours
Reference standards CEI EN 60831-1/2 IEC 831-1/2

Modelli standard:

50 Hz Power Current Capacitance Weight Discharge time (10% Un)
kvar Vac-Hz A μF kg Sec.
CMR 05050 5 500-50 5,8 3×21,2 2,2 35
CMR 10050 10 500-50 11,7 3×42,5 2,5 40