QRS/A series

Technical characteristics

Rated voltage 400 Vac
Rated frequency 50 Hz
Rated power
Referred to rated frequency and voltage
Working temperature range -25°C / +50°C
Sheet steel, protected against corrosion by a phosphating treatment.
Epoxy powder painted, RAL 7035 colour (other colours on request).
External protection degree IP30.
Looking system: by screw
Ventilation Natural
Isolating switch
Three-pole with door interlocking device
Supply Cable entry from the top
By FS17 450/750 flame retardant cables
Each bank is protected by a set of three fuses (NH00 type) with high breaking capacity
Self-healing metallized polypropylene single-phase capacitors, equipped with overpressure safety device and discharge resistor.
Filling: biodegradable non toxic oil, PCB free.
Delta connection
Series 550 Vac
Capacitance tolerance: -5%+10%
Dielectric losses: <0,3 W/kvar
Temperature class: -25/D(55°C)
Blocking Reactors: Tuning frequency 180 Hz (3.6 = 7,7%)
Reference standard: Comply to LV 2014/35/UE
Capacitor CEI EN 60831-1/2
Equipment CEI EN 61439-1/2 CEI EN 61921

Standard types:

Dimensions Type Power Isolating switch Current Weight Power
W x D x H mm   kVar – 400V A A kg kVar – 415V
551x500x900 QRS/A 12.5 40 18 30 13.5
  QRS/A 25 80 36 36 27
  QRS/A 50 125 41 41 54
  QRS/A 75 250 108 54 81