R series

Standard PFC automatic systems


Rated voltage: 400 Vac
Rated Frequency: 50 Hz (60 Hz on request)
Voltage of Auxiliary Circuits: 110 Vac
Working Temperature Range: -10°C / +50°C
20/10mm sheet steel, protected against corrosion by a phosphating treatment. Epoxy powder painted, RAL 7035 colour (other colours on request)
External Protection Degree: IP30 (PFS – PFM ), IP40 (PFL)

Ventilation: forced

Switch: Three-pole with door interlocking device

  • PFS type: cable entry from the top/bottom
  • PFM type: cable entry from the top
  • PFL type: cable entry from the bottom

Each bank of capacitors is controlled by a three-pole contactor. To limit the inrush current peaks , each contactor is provided with insertion resistors.

Capacitors Serie VRC 440 Vac:
Self-healing metallized polypropylene single-phase capacitors, equipped with overpressure safety device and discharge resistor. Filling: biodegradable non toxic oil, PCB free
Capacitance Tollerance: -5%+10%
Dielectric losses: <0,3 W/kvar
Temperature class: -25/D(55°C)
Varmetric measurement by means of a C.T. (secondary 5A) not supplied
Capacitors CEI EN 60831-1/2
Banks CEI EN 60439-1 CEI EN 61921-1
Optionals on request:

  • Automatic switch (PFM – PFL)
  • Isolator with fuses (PFM – PFL)
  • Protection Degree: IP55 (PFM – PFL)
  • Cable entry from bottom (PFM)Cable entry from the top (PFL)
Equipment type Rated power Power 415V Banks e
Regulator Rated current Weight Dimensions WxDxH Download
PFS/R 13kvar 400Vac
13kvar 400Vac 50Hz 14kvar Banks: 1,875-3,75-7,5kvar
Steps: 7 x 1,875kvar
PFC96evo 18A 12kg 460 x 215 x 480mm
PFS/R 18,5kvar 400Vac
18,5kvar 400Vac 50Hz 20kvar Banks: 3,75-3,75-7,5kvar
Steps: 5 x 3,75kvar
PFC96evo 26A 13kg 460 x 215 x 480mm
PFS/R 20,6kvar 400Vac
20,6kvar 400Vac 50Hz 22kvar Banks: 1,875-3,75-7,5-7,5kvar
Steps: 11 x 1,875kvar
PFC96evo 30A 16kg 610 x 215 x 480mm
PFS/R 26kvar 400Vac
26kvar 400Vac 50Hz 28kvar Banks: 3,75-7,5-15kvar
Steps: 7 x 3,75kvar
PFC96evo 37A 14kg 460 x 215 x 480mm
PFS/R 30kvar 400Vac
30kvar 400Vac 50Hz 32kvar Banks: 7,5-7,5-15kvar
Steps: 4 x 7,5kvar
PFC96evo 43A 15kg 460 x 215 x 480mm
PFS/R 35kvar 400Vac
35kvar 400Vac 50Hz 37,5kvar Banks: 1,875-3,75-7,5-7,5-15kvar
Steps: 19 x 1,875kvar
PFC96evo 50A 22kg 610 x 215 x 480mm
PFS/R 37,5kvar 400Vac
37,5kvar 400Vac 50Hz 40kvar Banks: 7,5-15-15kvar
Steps: 5 x 7,5kvar
PFC96evo 54A 16kg 460 x 215 x 480mm
PFS/R 45kvar 400Vac
45kvar 400Vac 50Hz 48kvar Banks: 7,5-7,5-15-15kvar
Steps: 6 x 7,5kvar
PFC96evo 65A 23kg 610 x 215 x 480mm
PFS/R 52,5kvar 400Vac
52,5kvar 400Vac 50Hz 56,5kvar Banks: 7,5-15-15-15kvar
Steps: 7 x 7,5kvar
PFC96evo 76A 24kg 610 x 215 x 480mm
PFS/R 60kvar 400Vac
60kvar 400Vac 50Hz 65kvar Banks: 7,5-7,5-15-30kvar
Steps: 8 x 7,5kvar
PFC96evo 86A 27kg 610 x 215 x 480mm
PFS/R 67,5kvar 400Vac
67,5kvar 400Vac 50Hz 72,5kvar Banks: 7,5-15-15-30kvar
Steps: 9 x 7,5kvar
PFC96evo 97A 29kg 610 x 215 x 480mm
PFM/R 75kvar 400Vac
75kvar 400Vac 50Hz 80kvar Banks: 7,5-15-22,5-30kvar
Steps: 10 x 7,5kvar
PFC96evo 108A 41kg 420 x 380 x 700mm
PFM/R 105kvar 400Vac
105kvar 400Vac 50Hz 112kvar Banks: 7,5-15-22,5-30-30kvar
Steps: 14 x 7,5kvar
PFC96evo 151A 47kg 420 x 380 x 700mm
PFM/R 127,5kvar 400Vac
127,5kvar 400Vac 50Hz 138kvar Banks: 7,5-15-22,5-30-52,5kvar
Steps: 17 x 7,5kvar
PFC96evo 184A 51kg 420 x 380 x 920mm
PFM/R 150kvar 400Vac
150kvar 400Vac 50Hz 162kvar Banks: 15-30-45-60kvar
Steps: 10 x 15kvar
PFC96evo 216A 54kg 420 x 380 x 920mm
PFM/R 180kvar 400Vac
180kvar 400Vac 50Hz 194kvar Banks: 15-30-60-75kvar
Steps: 12 x 15kvar
PFC96evo 259A 60kg 420 x 380 x 1140mm
PFM/R 195kvar 400Vac
195kvar 400Vac 50Hz 210kvar Banks: 15-30-60-90kvar
Steps: 13 x 15kvar
PFC96evo 281A 65kg 420 x 380 x 1140mm
PFM/R 225kvar 400Vac
225kvar 400Vac 50Hz 242kvar Banks: 15-30-60-120kvar
Steps: 15 x 15kvar
PFC96evo 324A 69kg 420 x 380 x 1140mm
PFL/R 255kvar 400Vac
255kvar 400Vac 50Hz 275kvar Banks: 15-30-30-60-60-60kvar
Steps: 17 x 15kvar
PFC144evo 367A 260kg 610 x 610 x 1760mm
PFL/R 300kvar 400Vac
300kvar 400Vac 50Hz 322kvar Banks: 30-30-60-60-60-60kvar
Steps: 10 x 30kvar
PFC144evo 432A 270kg 610 x 610 x 1760mm
PFL/R 375kvar 400Vac
375kvar 400Vac 50Hz 404kvar Banks: 37,5-37,5-75-75-75-75kvar
Steps: 10 x 37,5kvar
PFC144evo 540A 280kg 610 x 610 x 1760mm
PFL/R 450kvar 400Vac
450kvar 400Vac 50Hz 484kvar Banks: 45-45-90-90-90-90kvar
Steps: 10 x 45kvar
PFC144evo 648A 300kg 610 x 610 x 1760mm
PFL/R 525kvar 400Vac
525kvar 400Vac 50Hz 565kvar Banks: 52,5-52,5-105-105-105-105kvar
Steps: 10 x 52,5kvar
PFC144evo 648A 400kg 610 x 610 x 1960mm
PFL/R 600kvar 400Vac
600kvar 400Vac 50Hz 646kvar Banks: 60-60-120-120-120-120kvar
Steps: 10 x 60kvar
PFC144evo 864A 560kg 1220 x 610 x 1760mm
PFL/R 675kvar 400Vac
675kvar 400Vac 50Hz 726kvar Banks: 67,5-67,5-135-135-135-135kvar
Steps: 10 x 67,5kvar
PFC144evo 972A 640kg 1220 x 610 x 1760mm
PFL/R 750kvar 400Vac
750kvar 400Vac 50Hz 807kvar Banks: 75-75-150-150-150-150kvar
Steps: 10 x 75kvar
PFC144evo 1080A 660kg 1220 x 610 x 1760mm
PFL/R 825kvar 400Vac
825kvar 400Vac 50Hz 888kvar Banks: 82,5-82,5-165-165-165-165kvar
Steps: 10 x 82,5kvar
PFC144evo 1188A 700kg 1220 x 610 x 1760mm
PFL/R 900kvar 400Vac
900kvar 400Vac 50Hz 968kvar Banks: 90-90-180-180-180-180kvar
Steps: 10 x 90kvar
PFC144evo 1206A 720kg 1220 x 610 x 1760mm
PFL/R 975kvar 400Vac
975kvar 400Vac 50Hz 1049kvar Banks: 97,5-97,5-195-195-195-195kvar
Steps: 10 x 97,5kvar
PFC144evo 1404A 760kg 1220 x 610 x 1960mm
PFL/R 1050kvar 400Vac
1050kvar 400Vac 50Hz 1130kvar Banks: 105-105-210-210-210-210kvar
Steps: 10 x 97,5kvar
PFC144evo 1404A 760kg 1220 x 610 x 1960mm