High reliability and absolute operational safety are the main features of the TCC series.

Reliability is guaranteed by the particular type of dielectric and metallization used and by the strict controls carried out on all phases of the production cycle.

Security is guaranteed by a complete range of devices:

Internal Overpressure Device: this device operates in case of internal short circuit by disconnection of the internal connections. It is necessary to allow at least 10 mm for the case expansion. Do not use rigid connections.

Internal discharge resistors are used for all capacitors of 55 mm and 65 mm diameter. External resistors are supplied for all capacitors of 75 mm, 85 mm, 100 mm, 116 mm and 136 mm diameter. The function of the discharge resistors is to reduce the voltage between terminals of the capacitor to levels prescribed in the following Specifications EN 60831/1-2 and IEC 831/1-2.

If capacitors are used as part of an automatic assembly, where a large number of switching cycles are possible, the inrush current must be limited to appropriate level, by using of suitable dumping inductors. The alternative to chokes is the using of special contactors designed for use with capacitors and provided with dumping resistors.

The TCC three-phase capacitor for low voltage Power Factor Correction complies with the following Standards: EEC 89/336 Standards (amended by EEC 92/31 – EMC) and EEC 73/232 Standards (amended by EEC 96/3 – Low Voltage).

50 Hz

TCC 230 series
230 Vac – 50 Hz



TCC 525 series
525 Vac – 50 Hz

TCC 400 series
400 Vac – 50 Hz



TCC 690 series
690 Vac – 50 Hz

TCC 450 series
450 Vac – 50 Hz



TCC 800 series
800 Vac – 50 Hz

60 Hz

TCC 230 series
230 Vac – 60 Hz

TCC 380 series
380 Vac – 60 Hz

TCC 480 series
480 Vac – 60 Hz