Thyristor switches

The automatic static Power Factor Correction is particularly suitable for variable quick loads, such as: Injection presses, elevators, high torque motors, motors affected by voltage losses, automotive, wind turbines for the production of electric energy. Every time is required a noiseless device like hotels, banks, offices, service infrastructures (telecommunications board, hospitals, malls).


  • High-speed reactive power availability
  • No peak current on capacitors during steps operation.
  • No peak voltage on capacitors during steps disconnection.
  • Reduction of network disturbance such as voltage drop.
  • No moving parts therefore reduced maintenance (i.e. no electro-magnetic contactors)
  • Capacitors longer expected lifeRiduzione delle perdite nelle linee e nel trasformatore

In general there is a comprehensive PLANT EFFICIENCY; because power factor correction is fast, the power transformer and line design can be done considering only the actual load. Therefore longer working life and reliability of plant. Static switches allow unlimited operations. Steps switching is also done limiting transient phenomena that inside normal plants stresses the capacitors reducing
their working life.


  • Electronic Fast Switch speed : 20ms ON – 20ms OFF
  • Capacitors Banks Switching speed: 0,12s ON – 0,12s OFF
  • Continuous duty cycle
  • Built in over current protection: while the current
    overcomes the threshold the switch opens until the
    current becomes normal
  • Very small dimensions (220x262x120,5mm)
  • Made in Italy with all European components.
  • External signaling LED
  • Electronic Fast Switch doesn’t need any discharge resistance
Rated Voltage 400-415 Vac
Frequency 50 Hz (60 Hz on request)
Activation Thyristors zero-crossing static devices.
Fuses Each bank of capacitors is protected by a set of three fuses (NH00 type) with high breaking capacity. Also the auxiliary circuits are protected by fuses.
Duty cycle 60 mS ON – 60 mS off
Terminals L1-L2: 25 mm2 (TS40LC e TS50LC)
L1-L2: 50 mm2 (TS80LC)
L3: 2,5mm for all models
Working temperature 0÷50°C